Diet Havoc Wreaker Extraordinaire…

Dear Saturday and Sunday,

What do you have against diets, huh? Seriously. Do they cramp your style? Your ‘go ahead, let loose’ reputation?

Parties, tailgates, family dinners . . . it seems you have cornered the market on food-filled social events. Back-to-back days stuffed with nachos, burgers and beer. How can we forget the requisite smorgasboard lining the dining room and massive two-tiered birthday cake raised up on a pedestal in all its delicious glory?

And you dare linger into Monday with your sneaky leftovers attack . . . the NERVE.

I’d appreciate your sensitivity to those of us trying to drop the poundage.


Every weight-watching woman on the face of the earth.

P.S. I will restart my diet Monday. I mean Tuesday. After I finish off the meatballs for lunch.



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