Men Just Do. Women Overthink.

Wait. Then again, maybe we don’t.

Or we just think we do as an excuse to not do. And call it cramps.

Ugh. See what I mean?

Losing weight is simple in theory. It’s about making the choice to take action for the betterment of your body. Not for the detriment of it. It’s getting off of work like my hubs does and saying, “okay I’m going for my run!” Versus sitting in front of the computer logging more work hours instead of miles all the while resenting the fact it’s just so easy for him to “go for a run”.

Doesn’t he know there’s stuff to do still. Important stuff?

But what’s more important than nurturing your health? I ask myself.

Then I think and think and think . . . Once I stop thinking the answer is clear.



2 thoughts on “Men Just Do. Women Overthink.

  1. A lot of people say it’s easier for men to turn their minds off and focus on just one thing at a time than it is for women. Ironically, the only time I’m able to get anywhere near thinking about one thing at a time is while I’m working out! So I say designate a time for the workout, and don’t allow anything else (even work if possible) to infringe on that time. You’ll feel better halfway through the workout, and you’ll most likely be more productive afterward!

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