When A Weight Loss Blogger Disappears . . .

The pounds have reappeared. Either that or they can’t find time to blog in between workouts.

Nah. It’s the former.

In the beginning you might be all RAH RAH about losing weight and shout it to the world, pretending that it gives you some form of accountability. But how accountable do you have to be to a cyberrific audience? It’s too easy to hide. You just stop posting, networking, connecting with fellow bloggers.

Until you start RAH RAH-ing again.

This is where the battle of the bulge is won. When you fall off, how quickly do you get back on track? How much do you beat yourself up? What type of vitriolic nastiness do you shower upon yourself? Or is this the time you cut yourself some slack and say, you know what? I screwed up and that’s okay. Now I must confess and start with a clean slate:

  • Juicer? What juicer? Oh, that contraption sitting on my counter collecting dust over the past three weeks? The machine I nicknamed Biff (for BFF) while juicing my way to vibrancy has been neglected. Surprised it didn’t unfriend me on Facebook.
  • Client sends nearly five pounds of gourmet chocolates as a thank you. Yes, I gave some away, but at the same time, gorged on the rest. I was reminded why moms say “too much candy will make your belly ache.” Ouch.
  • Why drink water when there’s alcohol?  My hydration has been lacking to non-existent. Oh swollen ankles, how I have not missed you.
  • Eating at home has not been an option the past couple of weeks – unless leftover casseroles, ham and brownies would suffice.
  • Ah, vegetables . . . almost forgot how to spell it.

There you have it. I have repented my gluttonous sins and am cleansed anew . . .

At least I will be after that New Year’s Eve party tonight!



6 thoughts on “When A Weight Loss Blogger Disappears . . .

  1. No one said it would be easy. I’m three years into my journey…15 months being serious without stopping. It’s a lifestyle change…but it has typical bumps. The blog has helped…but yes, easy to fib….but that only hurts ME. Good luck to pushing through and getting back on track. Stay strong.

    • Definitely not easy. Especially if it’s your third go round! The self hate one can administer is quite astonishing. So that’s what I work on. Giving myself a break. Thanks for your words of encouragement!

  2. LOL, love this post. Isn’t that what usually happens? Your all into getting fit and then after a while you lose that will to keep moving forward. Well, I think it might come from a lack of being strong and sticking to you diet and exercise plan as well a having no one to motivate you and keep you moving towards your goals. Especially when people around you are shoving chocolates and whatever down their throat. Mind over matter is what i comes down too…

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