Keep Doing What You Are Doing . . .

Really, Doc?

There I was. Every big ol’ ounce of me sat in the doctor’s office to go over blood work, that I probably wouldn’t have gotten done if it weren’t for my refill-needed thyroid medication. Yes I have a built in fat excuse. It’s my thyroid!

Anyway, the office minions forced me to get the platinum phlebotomy package. You haven’t gotten a full work up in a long time they said. You’ll be here anyway they said. Look, we just happen to have a 7am appointment, perfect for fasting blood work they said.

As I awaited the results, I recounted the countless nights eating out, beer filled baseball outings and midnight face stuffings. I anticipated sky high cholesterol, a depressed liver and out of control sugar levels.

And then . . .

“Your blood work results are frameable. I don’t know what you are doing, but keep doing it.”

It’s a miracle! I’m as healthy as an ox, even though I might be as big as one. It’s time to celebrate!

So me and the hubs went out for dinner and a beer.

Doctor’s orders.